Oleh: Willy

She stood upon the grey tower, looking down on the illustrious city. Hundreds of homes with its glinting windows, smokes rose from their chimney into the celestial abyss above. There upon the lonely bell tower she stood alone. Her eyes gaze overt the dim stars.

The night was cold and shivering, yet she stood unperturbed. Still as a marble statue.

As she looked down once more to the hundreds of roofs and edifice that illustrated the great city. She wonders, can I really stay in this world?

In this dimly night shadow, her past is all behind her. Far from her touching, not one person here knew who she was. What she was. Here, they accept her. No one look twice at her and considered the thing she done. Some precious few of them she could even call her friends.

Is this what life truly is? Is this what it means to be happy?

She thought again to the countless memories of smile and laughter they shared. Tears and hugs and kisses. People she called friends, and ones who call her friend.

But, still in her heart, she felt it. She knew it. She didn’t deserve this. She never deserves joy or happiness. She didn’t deserve to share their memories. Their laughter. Their tears. Their friendship. In her heart the voice still whispers.


That she knew she should go, but never had the courage or strength to do it.

Without realizing it, she had gripped the metal bar that fenced the overlooking tower. Gently she released her grip. She pulled the locks of hair from her face and once again look to the silent sky. Beyond the stars and clouds and darkness. To the God that dwell beyond, she whispered, can I truly stay here?

But the answer is nothing. Except the ever-swirling cold wind that whispered in her skins.

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